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Common Widget Properties

All widgets have properties. Selecting the property category (General Settings, Design, Caption, etc…) in the left window pane, many detailed properties can be customized.

Destination Type

Bit Address

By specifying the device 1) address type to Bit Address the button will change the value of a bit on the connected device. This could be toggling the bit, turning it on, or turning it off.

By specifying several address, a single button can modify several bit values on the connected device with a single button press.

Word Address

A word address will cause the button to change a 16-bit word value at the address specified

In the example illustrated above, the value 233 is written to address T32.

Click the button shown below to open the device address options window.

When working with values greater than 65535, select the Interpret as a Double-word dropbox, and two consecutive addresses will be treated as 1 32-bit value. also you can choice short, long, float type.


Variables are named addressed with the ComfileHMI's memory. By choosing the variable option, the button will modify a ComfileHMI variable when touched or released. That variable can then be used by other widgets within the project.

Variables have 64-bit floating point precision, so a double-word option is not necessary.

Activation Point

In the Advanced Options one can specify to perform the action when the button is touched or released.

Modifying Existing Values

Existing values can be incremented or decremented when the button is touched or released.

As illustrated in the image above, when the button is pressed the value at device address D4 will be incremented by 1.


In the Design options, the type of button and its appearance can be customized.

In the Custom tab, the button's appearance can be customized with image files. The image files can be created with an image editor.

The transparent option is used if you want to create clickable regions over a background image.


Enter the text to display in the widget. The font family, size, style, color, and alignment can all be customized.

Miscellaneous Settings

For adjusting various other settings

  • Enabling or disabling an object
  • Enabling or disabling the beep when touched

Display and Location

These options can be used to dynamically change whether or not the widget appears and where it appears on the screen.

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