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Interfacing with the MODPORT

The MODPORT is a field I/O product created by COMFILE Technology. It is an excellent accessory for the ComfileHMI if you need to easily supplement the ComfileHMI with I/O features.

  • Digital I/O, Analog I/O, temperature sensing and more are all possible with the MODPORT.
  • The MODPORT is especially convenient because it requires no programming.
  • The ComfileHMI supports protocol for MODPORT.

Comfile Studio Settings

When creating a new project, select COMFILE, MODPORT as shown below.

  • Baud Rate is fixed at 57600,8, N, 1.
  • For models with RS-485 on COM3 (CHA-070WT, CHA-070WR), set the Channel to COM3.
  • To use MODPORT on models with only COM1, set <line> to COM1 and use a separate RS232-TO-RS485 converter.

How to connect MODPORT with ComfileHMI

  • Connect the MODPORT to the ComfileHMI panel PC's COM3 port.

Example of Operation

DIO Module (digital input/ouput module)

MODPORT User's Manual

Model Name Module Type Description Voltage / Current Address for HMI
MD-DOSI8 8-pin DC Sink Output DC Output x 8 (Sink Type) DC 3.3V ~ 27V / 1A 03101 ~ 03108
MD-DOSO8 8-pin DC Source Output DC Output x 8 (Source Type) DC 12V ~ 24V / 1A 03001 ~ 03008
MD-DORL8 8-pin Relay Output Relay Output x 8 DC 6 ~ 27V / 4A
AC 6 ~ 240V / 4A
03201 ~ 03208
MD-DIDC8 8-pin DC Output DC Input x 8 (12V~24V) DC 12V ~ 24V 00001 ~ 00008

Analog Module

Model Name Module Type Description Input/Output Range Address for HMI
MD-ADIN44 Channel Analog Input 13.3-bit ADC x 4 0~10V, 1~5V (4~20mA) 40101 ~ 40104
MD-HADIN4 4 Channel High Resolution Analog Input 16.6-bit ADC x 4 0~10V, 1~5V (4~20mA) 40201 ~ 40204
MD-THRT4 4 Channel Temperature Input PT100 Ohm Temperature Sensor x 4 -100.0 ~ 500.0 °C 40301 ~ 40304
MD-DAOUT2 2 Channel Digital-to-Analog Voltage Output 16-bit DAC x 2 0~10V, 0~5V 43301 ~ 43302
MD-DAOUT2B 2 Channel Digital-to-Analog Current Output 16-bit DAC x 2 4~20mA, 0~20mA 43401 ~ 43404

How to set the address on the HMI

For bit access, select 0 as the address prefix.

For word access, select 4 as the prefix and enter the address minus 40000.

Determination of Display Value Type

For the module that reads the value, the display type must be specified. Please specify as follows.

  • MD-ADIN4 : 16-bit integer
  • MD-HADIN4 : 32-bit integer
  • MD-THRT4, ML-THRT1, ML-NTC2 : 16 bit temperature

Setting the Slave Address

If multiple modules of the same module are used simultaneously on one RS485 line, the IDs (slave addresses) must be set differently at this time because the addresses are duplicated.

For the MODPORT module, there is a rotary switch on the front that can be changed from 1 to 10 (0 is 10).

The <External Device> added when creating the project automatically has the slave address set to 1.

Press the Add External Device button and select a slave address other than 1.

Adding additional slave addresses is straight-forward.

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