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Nearly any Windows-compatible font can also be used on the ComfileHMI.

Additional fonts can be installed beyond what is available in Windows by default.

After installing additional fonts, restart Comfile Studio to make the newly installed fonts available for selection.

The height of a font can be specified as an Absolute size or Relative to the height of the widget.

Multilingual Text

The ComfileHMI is Unicode aware, so it supports displaying any Unicode text as long as the font being used has the necessary glyphs.

Pictured below is an example selecting a font with Korean glyphs.

To type in additional languages it may be necessary to add additional Windows Input Method Editors (IME). This can be done through the Windows control panel as illustrated below.

After installed, the input method editor can be selected from the Windows task bar.

Text can then be typed in any of Comfile Studio's text boxes, for example Korean, as illustrated below.

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