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HMI and PLC Development Process

HMIs are typically used with PLCs.

1. Preparing the PLC

The ComfileHMI can be used to interface the Comfile Technology's CUBLOC-based products, MOACON, or just about any other PLC that supports the Modbus RTU protocol. Support for 3rd party PLCs may be added in the future.

2. Connect the HMI to the PLC

For RS-232 connect the HMI's communication port to the PLC's communication port like this: TX-RX, RX-TX, GND-GND.

3. Create the HMI User Interface

Use Comfile Studio to create the user interface. Each button can be mapped to the PLC's output relay (bit region). Lamps and numeric labels can be used to display the PLC's current state.

After creating the interface in Comfile Studio, connect the ComfileHMI hardware to the PC via USB and upload the project to the device.

4. Test the Device's Operation

Press a button on the HMI touch screen and confirm that the PLC responds as intended. Continue modifying the HMI project and PLC's firmware until the all features are implemented.

When development is finished, the device can be installed on-site in the field.


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