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ComfileHMI is a WYSIWYG, HMI rapid development kit from COMFILE Technology, Inc.

  • The ComfileHMI Editor is the WYSIWYG software development environment used to create HMI projects, and is available as a free download from COMFILE Technology's website. Download Now.
  • Supports interfacing with the CUBLOC, MOACON, FA-DUINO, MODPORT, or just about any other Modbus-capable PLC or microcontroller. The MODPORT is a particularly suitable companion to the ComfileHMI as it does not require any PLC programming.
  • Water-resistant and open-frame models are available. (About open-frame models)
  • No branding on the hardware's front panel (logo-less). (About logo-less branding)
  • Supports TrueType fonts for creating multilingual user interfaces.
  • Supports PNG, JPG, and BMP image files.
  • Water resistant front panel models support audio output (e.g. .wav files)
  • microSD card support for additional memory (Included with purchase)
  • Modbus TCP: Can operate as either a client or a server. Details
  • Supports supervisory remote control from any device with a modern web browser.
  • Remote Scripting. (CHC Only)
  • Web API - Read from, write to, and otherwise control a ComfileHMI from any modern web browser, other ComfileHMI panel PC, or other web client. (CHC Only)


Please note that the demonstration in the video does not illustrate programming the MSB PLC. The MSB PLC is a CUBLOC-based product that is programmed using CUBLOC Studio. Please refer to the CUBLOC documentation. Download the MSB PLC source code used in the demonstration video above.

Hardware Specifications

Model CHA-043PR CHA-070PR CHA-070WT CHA-070WR CHC-070WR CHA-102WR CHC-102WR
Enclosure Open-frame Water Resistant Front Panel
Screen Size 4.3“ 7” 10.2“
Resolution 480 x 272 800 x 480
Color Depth 16-bit color (65536 colors)
Backlight Lifetime >20,000 Hours
Touchscreen Resistive
RTC No 1) Yes, backup battery included
Communication Ports RS232C x 1 RS232C x 2, RS485 x 1
Ethernet No Yes
Sound Buzzer (beep) Speaker (audio)
Processor 32-bit ARM926EJ-S 400MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1GHz 32-bit ARM926EJ-S 400MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1GHz
Memory 128MB 1GB 128MB 1GB
Storage NAND Flash: 256MB
µSD Card: Max. 32GB
µSD Card: Max. 32GB
NAND Flash: 256MB
µSD Card: Max. 32GB
µSD Card: Max. 32GB
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 70℃
Power Consumption <2.4W, 0.2A@12V <5W, 0.4A@12V <5W, 0.4A@12V <10W, 0.8A@12V
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CPU 32bit ARM926EJ-S, 400MHz 32bit ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core, 1GHz
SDRAM 128MB 1024MB
Non-volatile NAND Flash 256MB eMMC 4GB

In addition to better performance and more memory, the CHC panel PCs also sport the following features not available on the CHA panel PCs:

ComfileHMI Hardware

ComfileHMI Connectivity

Example Projects

ComfileHMI Editor User's Manual


Common Features


Shapes and Graphics

Field Resources

Events and Actions

Remote Control

Other Features

Time can be read from the PLC's RTC and set using the ComfileHMI's RTC functions
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