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An action is a task to be performed by the ComfileHMI. For example, when a button is pressed an action can be performed to store a value to a specific address in an attached PLC. This is a single action.

A Multi-action performs multiple actions in sequence. For example, when a button is pressed, a value can be written to a PLC, a record of the event can be written to a file, and the sound can be played.

The various types of actions available are shown below.

Write Directly

Literal values or variables can be written to a memory location in an attached external device 1) or internal variable / internal memory.

Read from Device

Data can be read from a memory location on an attached device and stored to a variable.

Log to File

Information can be written to a log file. The following example illustrates writing a variable, CurrentTemperature to a log file named log.txt on the ComfileHMI's mciroSD card.

  • Be sure to specify the Storage Card folder. The files will be stored on the ComfileHMI's microSD card.

Text can be concatenated to form a single line in the log file.

The Log to File feature can also be used to make screen captures.

Destination: Remote PC

Select this option to have the log data send to any Supervisory Remote Control clients that may be connected to the panel PC.

Destination: Communication Channel

Select this option to have the log data transmitted out a serial port. The serial port must be configured for the USER > SERIAL TX protocol in the Project Properties.

Manage Files

For creating, modifying or deleting files.

Bulk Load/Store Variables

Variables can be loaded from or stored to a files on the ComfileHMI's mciroSD card.

Run Action Group

First, an action group must be registered and given a unique name. In the illustration below the variable ABC will be initialized with the value 0.

Then the event can be used in a multi-action list.

Use the Advanced Options to configure repetition.

Stop Iterating Action Group

This action can be used to stop an action group that was specified to execute repeatedly.

Sound Audio/Buzzer

Waterproof front-panel models can output audio in .wav file format.

Open-frame models have a piezo buzzer for sounding beeps.

Run Script

The Run Script action can be used to write a small script to be executed when a button is pressed. These scripts can contain complex logic and expressions for reading and/or writing variables. Expressions should be separated by semicolons.

Open Dynamic Keypad

The Keypad action will display a keypad so an operator to enter numeric input.

Internal String Variable Control

This software provides various tools to edit Internal string variable.

HTTP Request

The HTTP Request action can be used to query the Web API of another ComfileHMI panel PC.

1. HTTP query (URL)

2. Action to be executed when a response to the query is received.

Special Feature : System Settings

For modifying the date and time, or running a touchscreen calibration.

Special Feature : Alarm History Viewer

Various tools are provided to edit alarm-history-viewer.

Multi-action Conditional Activation

An action can be activated dynamically by specifying a conditional expression.

So, this action is only executed if the condition is satisfied.

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