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Using CODESYS on the ComfilePi

NOTE: This documentation was created using a older version of CODESYS than what is currently available, so there will be discrepancies. For up to date documentation please prefer the documentation published by CODESYS

CODESYS is a development environment for programming controller applications according to the international industrial standard IEC 61131-3. CODESYS can be used on the ComfilePi by installing one of the CODESYS Raspberry Pi Control Modules.

COMFILE Technology does not provide technical support for CODESYS. Please contact CODESYS directly for support.

Example 1: Simple In & Out

As a demonstration, please refer to the following sample project used to control the digital inputs and outputs of COMFILE Technology's CP-IO22, CP-IO19R IO boards.

Download the Project

Youtube link

Example 2: Flicker

Example 3: Analog Inputs with the CP-IO22-A4-2

This example demonstrates using the ADS1115 I2C driver to read analog inputs from the CP-IO22-A4-2.

Download the Project

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