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Testing an Example Project with Qt Creator

After installing Qt Creator and the ComfilePi SDK, you can run one of the many examples in the SDK.

The following video illustrates the general procedure.

The examples can also be run directly on the ComfilePi by browsing to an example in the /opt/Qt5.8/examples directory and running one of the executables. Note: Before executing, you may need to run chmod +x {executable_file} to change the mode of the file to executable.

Open Example project

In Qt Creator, go to Examples, and a large number of examples will be presented.

For this demonstration we will use the Dashboard example located in the {SDK_Installation_Folder}\Device\sysroot\opt\Qt5.8\examples\quickcontrols\extras\dashboard folder. Type Dashboard in the search box to filter the list of examples, and select the Qt Quick Extras - Dashboard example.

Ensure the ComfilePi kit is selected, and press the Configure Project button to initialize the project files.

View Project's Source Code

To view the project's source code, choose the Edit icon from the left toolbar, and select a source file in the project tree.

View the Project Designer

Choose the Design icon from the left toolbar to view a .qml file in the designer.

Debugging the Project

Press the keyboard's F5 key, or select the Start Debugging icon from the bottom of the left toolbar to deploy the project to the ComfilePi, execute it, and debug it on the host PC.

Be sure to update the "Device" properties in Qt Creator with the correct IP address and user credentials so Qt Creator can connect and deploy files to the ComfilePi.

Additional Information

To learn more about Qt Quick development, see Qt's official documentation.

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