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Updating the Raspberry Pi Firmware

In August 2020, COMFILE Technology began transitioning from the Compute Module 3 Lite (CM3L) to the Compute Module 3+ Lite (CM3+L). If you are using an older operating system image (e.g. Raspbian Jessie) with a newer ComfilePi panel PC that has a CM3+L, it may not boot because the operating system image does not contain the latest Raspberry Pi firmware. The preferred solution to this is to update the operating system, but if that is not feasible, please use the following procedure to update the Raspberry Pi firmware on an older operating system image.

  1. Insert and SD card with the older operating system into a ComfilePi panel PC with a CM3L. Turn it on, and wait for it to boot.
  2. Once booted, in a terminal window, run sudo apt update followed by sudo apt install rpi-update to install the rpi-update utility.
  3. Run sudo rpi-update to run the utility, and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. Once finished, reboot.
  5. Once rebooted, shutdown.
  6. Transfer the SD card to the new ComfilePi panel PC with the CM3+L, and it should boot.

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