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The GHLCD is an LCD that features the ability to display characters and graphics on three different layers. Unlike the CLCD, the GHLCD supports many different commands for easily drawing lines, circles, and boxes. There are also commands to copy, cut, and paste graphics, and a BMP downloader for downloading images to the GHLCD.

The GHB3224C model is a blue and white STN type LCD with a display area of 320 by 240 pixels. There are 3 layers. The first layer is for text and the other 2 layers can be used for graphics.

* GHB3224C Library is 99% compatible with Cutouch modules.

The text layer is a 40×15 grid as illustrated below. Each character size is 8 by 16 pixels.

The GHLCD series features a 320 by 240 pixels for graphics.

Please note that graphics or characters will appear randomly when trying to print outside the specified range of pixels shown here.

GHB3224C supports I2C(CuNET)

The GHB3224C model supports CuNET. When using Cubloc with the GHCLD, using CuNET instead of serial communications will free up the serial port for other uses.

GHB3224C CuNET settings:

Set Display 1,0,1,50     ' GHLCD, CUNET, Set Address to 1. Send buffer to 50.

*Warning : The CuNET slave address and display slave address must match. The display lave address can be set with the DIP switch.

GHB3224C DIP Switch Settings

On the back of the GHB3224C, there are DIP switches to set the RS232 baud rate and I2C slave address. GHB3224C DIP Switch number 4 is not used.

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