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About Modbus

Modbus is a protocol developed by Modicon as an interface to their PLCs.

It is usually used with devices like touchscreens, HMI devices, and SCADA software; most of which now support Modbus.

In Modbus, there are master and slave devices. The master sends commands while the slave receives and responds to commands. The slave can only respond to a master; it cannot initiate communication on its own.

Each slave has a unique address called a slave address. The master, using those slave addresses, can talk to one slave at a time. For 1 to 1 connections, RS-232 can be used. For 1 to N connections, RS- 485 can be used.

The master sends messages in units of “frames”. Each frame contains the slave address, command, data, and checksum codes. The slave receives a trame, analyzes it, performs the requested function, and responds. When responding to the master, slaves also respond in frames.

There are two Modbus transmission modes, ASCII and RTU. RTU is binary and can be implemented in fewer bytes than ASCII, making it a little more compact. ASCII uses a Longitudinal Redundancy Check (LRC) for error checking while RTU uses a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).

The table below shows a Modbus frame in both ASCII and RTU:

Cubloc Support

NOTE: Starting with Cubloc Studio v3.3.1, the CB400, CB405 and CB405RT no longer support Modbus ASCII. However, Modbus RTU is still supported, so please use Modbus RTU instead.

Cubloc supports Modbus functions 1,2,3,4,5,6,15, and 16

Function Code Function Name
01, 02 Bit Read
03, 04 Word Write
05 1 Bit Write
06 1 Word Write
15 Multiple Bit Write
16 Multiple Word Write

In Modbus, there are addresses that correspond to Cubloc registers. Cubloc’s registers P, M, F, C, T, and D can be accessed using the addresses in the following table:

Bit Units Word Units
Address Register Address Register
0000H P
1000H M
2000H Not Used
3000H Not Used
4000H F
5000H T
6000H C
7000H D
8000H WP
9000H WM
0A000H WF

Using Modbus with HMI / SCADA Addresses

The following describes the address mechanism to be used from HMI / SCADA software.

Data Type Range
Coil 1–999
Input Status 10001 – 19999
Input Register 30001 – 39999
Holding Register 40001 – 49999

To determine the appropriate address to use from HMI / SCADA software, refer to the following table.

Word Region (Holding/Input Registers) Relevant Function Codes: 3,4,6,16
Area of the Cubloc to be addressed Address to be entered in the HMI / SCADA software
D area (D0 ~ D511) 40001 ~ 40512
T area (T0 ~ T255) 41001 ~ 41256
C area (C 0~ C255) 42001 ~ 42256
WM area (WM0 ~ WM255) 43001 ~ 43256
Bit Region (Coil, Input Status) Relevant Function Codes : 1,2,4,15
Area of the Cubloc to be addressedAddress to be entered in the HMI / SCADA software
P area (P0 ~ P127) 1 ~128 or 10001 ~10128
M area (M0 ~ M2047) 4097 ~ 6144 or 14097 ~ 16144
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