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Bfree( )

variable = Bfree(channel, bufferType

variable Variable to store results (No String or Single)
channel RS232 Channel number (0 to 3)
bufferType 0=Receive Buffer, 1=Send Buffer

This function will return the number of free bytes in a receive or send buffer. When sending data, this command can be used to avoid overflowing the buffer. When receiving data, this command can help the program wait for a specified amount of data to be received before taking action.

Dim A As Byte
OpenCom 1,19200,0, 100, 50
If Bfree(1,1)>10 Then
End If

If the size of the buffer is set to 50, up to 49 bytes can be returned. When the buffer is empty, Bfree will return 1 less than the buffer size.

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