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variable = Byteln(portBlock)

variable Variable to store results (No String or Single)
protBlock I/O Port Block Number (0 to 15)

ByteIn reads from an I/O port block (a group of 8 I/O ports). Ports 0 to 7 are block 0 and ports 8 to 15 are block 1. The port block numbers vary for the different models of Cubloc. When using this commandm all I/O ports within the port block have their I/O mode set to input and their input is stored in a variable.

Dim A As Byte
A = ByteIn(0)  ' Read from Port Block 0 and store in variable A.

The CB220 and CB280 port block groupings are shown below. Please refer to the pin/port tables for the specific Cubloc module you are using.

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