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CLCDOut x, y, text

xx coordinate of CLCD
y y coordinate of CLCD
text String, String variable, or String constant containing text to be printed

Model : CLCD

The CLCDOut command was added to Cubloc Studio in v3.1.2. This command combines the Locate and Print commands into one statement.

CLCDOUT 3,2, "COMFILE" ' Print “Comfile” at position 3,2

Using the Locate and Print command separately can occasionally result in characters being printed to the wrong location. The CLCDOut command was created to address this problem.

Const Device = CB280
Dim I As Integer
Set Display 2,0,0,80
  Incr I
  Delay 200

This command can only be used with CLCD modules manufactured after December 2010. Users of existing CLCD modules manufactured before December 2010 should contact Comfile Technology for an upgrade.

This command is not supported by the GHLCD devices.

After executing this command, the Print command’s behavior is undefined. After the first CLCDOut command is executed, CLCDOut should be used exclusively, instead of Print, from that point on.

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