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#define name constants

By using #define, you can assign names to values before compiling.

#define motorport 4
Low motorport

In the example above, motorport will be compiled as 4. You can also use Const for similar tasks. However, Const will use data memory; #define will only use program memory.

CONST motorport = 4
Low motorport

The following example uses #define for replacing a line of code:

#define FLAGREG1 2
#define f_led FLAGREG1.BIT0
#define calc (4+i)*256
f_led = 1                     ' Set FLAGREG1’s bit zero to  1.
If f_led = 1 Then f_led = 0   ' Make it easier to read.
j = calc                      ' Calculations can be simplified

The “name” argument in a #define statement is not case-sensitive. For example, #define ALPHA 0 and #define alpha 0 do not define different constants. They both define the same constant.

See also Const.

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