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Digital Thermometer

The DS1620 is a digital thermometer. The chip has an internal temperature conversion table so the user does not have to make a separate table. Temperatures between -55 and 125 degrees Celsius can be measured by the DS1620 in units of 0.5 degrees.

Const Device = CB220
Const iorst = 7
Const ioclk = 6
Const iodq = 5
Dim i As Integer
Delay 100
High iorst ' init ds1620
ShiftOut ioclk,iodq,0,12,8
ShiftOut ioclk,iodq,0,3,8
Low iorst
High iorst
ShiftOut ioclk,iodq,0,&hEE,8
Low iorst
  High iorst
  ShiftOut ioclk,iodq,0,&haa,8
  i = ShiftIn(ioclk,iodq,4,9)
  i = i
  debug dec i,cr
  Low iorst
  Delay 100

The final value received must be divided by 2 to obtain the correct temperature.

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