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First of all, you should download CUBLOC STUDIO and install it on a Windows PC. Comfile Technology's Download page

For the CUBLOC, you only need an RS-232C cable.

If your PC doesn't have an RS-232C Port, you can use a USB-to-RS232C cable.

This demonstration will use the MSB612RA-DC. It is single-body CUBLOC module.

Enter this source code into CUBLOC Studio.

#include "MSB6XX"
  High 32
  Wait 500
  Low 32
  Wait 500

Go to “PC interface setup” in the “Setup” menu.

Select the Windows PC COM port that is connected to the CUBLOC device's download port.

Click the red “Run” icon.

This demonstration is just to verify that your development environment is working. If the MSB612RA-DC's relay makes a tick-tock noise, that is success.

CUBLOC - Embedded Controller

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