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Creating Ladder Logic Programs

The screen below shows you how Ladder Logic programs are created in Cubloc Studio.

The red box shown above is the Ladder Logic cursor. You may use the keyboard's up, down, left, and right keys or the mouse to control the red box.

After moving to the desired position, you can use the keys F3 through F12 to place the desired symbol. You can also enter text for each symbol.

At the very end of the Ladder Logic program, you must always put an END command.

Editing Text

To edit existing text, place the cursor in the desired location and press ENTER. A text box will appear for editing the text.

Erasing a Cell

To erase a cell, select it with the cursor, and press the SPACE or DEL key.

Erasing a Rung (one line)

A rung is a row in Ladder.

You can press CTRL-D to erase a rung. To recover an erased rung, press CTRL-Z (Hot key for Undo).

Insert a blank Rung

You can press CTRL-I to insert blank a rung.

Cell Insert

If you press the INS key, a blank cell is inserted and items on the right are moved one cell to the right.

Rung Copy

When the same style of rung is needed, you can press CTRL-A and it will copy the rung above and pasted it one rung below.


You can enter comments by adding an apostrophe (').

You can use a semi-colon (;) to drop to the next line.

For example: “This is Sample Program; Date 24-Sep-2016 Comfile Technology”

Ladder Logic Block Copy and Paste

You can make a block of ladder logic and copy and paste to different parts of the program.

Click and drag the mouse to select the block you wish to copy. Press CTRLC to copy and CTRL-V to paste. Similar to text editing, you can press CTRLX and CTRL-V to cut and paste also.

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