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GetStr( )

variable = GetStr(channel, length)

variable String Variable to store results
channel RS-232 Channel
length Length of data to receive

Same as Get, except the variable to store results can only be a String and the length of data is not limited to 4 bytes. GetStr() will return even even if there is not enough data in the receive buffer. Therefore, it may be necessary to use the BLen function to test for data in the receive buffer before calling GetStr().

Const Device = CB280
Dim A As String * 10
OpenCom 1,115200,3,50,10
Set Until 1,8, 10             '10 is a required dummy value, it will be ignored
On Recv1 GoSub GOTDATA
  Do While In(0) = 0
  Loop                        ' Wait until press button (Connect P0)
  PutStr 1,"CUBLOC",Cr
  Do While In(0) = 1
  A = GetStr(1,8)
  Debug A

In order to run the program above, please connect Rx to Tx as shown below.

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