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GLayer layerNumber

LayerNumber Set the graphic layer. (0,1,2)

Model : CT1721C, CT1820, CUBLOC + GHB3224C

There are 3 layers on the GHLCD GHB3224 series. Any of the layers may be used as a graphic layer. Graphic commands such as Line, Circle, and Box can be used to draw on a graphic layer. Normally, layer 1 is used for text while layer 2 is used for graphics. Layers 2 and 3 have slightly different characteristics. We recommend layer 2 for graphics that require a lot of erasing.

Layer 1 can also be used as a graphic layer. In this case, you can even erase text characters with graphic commands. To set Layer 3 to a graphic layer, use the command Layer 3 On.

Glayer 2

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