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HADIn2( )

variable = HADIn2(channel combination)

variable Variable to store the result (Integer or Long type)
channel Combination: AD channel combination code

This command is for a differential A/D input. Two channels are paired up, and the A/D converter converts the difference between the two voltages.

Channel combination code + Input - Input
0 CH0 CH1
1 CH2 CH3
2 CH4 CH5
3 CH6 CH7
4 CH1 CH0
5 CH3 CH2
6 CH5 CH4
7 CH7 CH6
#include "CB405RT"
 Debug Goxy,1,1,Dec5 Hadin2(0)
 Wait 500


For a more accurate measurement, one should start with a reliable power source. A Linear power source (e.g., using 7805, etc.) is better for A/D input than a switching power source circuit (e.g., using LM2576).

Also, when the A/D input pins are extended and exposed outside the board, a protection circuit (where additional chips such as the isolation circuit, etc. are involved) should be added to protect the core module from external noise.

Keep in mind that, especially when a voltage over 5V could be applied to the A/D input port, repairable damage can occur to the module

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