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How to Use CUBLOC Studio

Download Cubloc Studio

After installing Cubloc Studio and executing it, you will see the following screen.

You will see that, at first, Cubloc Studio will default to the BASIC editor.

If you press F2, the screen will change to the Ladder Logic editor and if you press F1, it will switch back to the BASIC editor.

Source files are saved as two files under the file extensions .CUL and .CUB. If you need to backup or move source files, you must keep BOTH of these files together.

When opening a file, you will only see .CUL files. (.CUB files are not displayed, but they are in the same folder). When you open a .CUL file, Cubloc Studio automatically opens CUB file.

The source code can only be saved on the PC. Source code downloaded to the Cubloc module can not be uploaded back to the PC.

When you press the RUN button (or CTRL-R), Save, Compile, Download, and Execute are all automatically processed.

Ladder Logic and BASIC both are compiled with one RUN button. If an error is found during compilation, the cursor will relocate to the error position.

IMPORTANT: All Cubloc modules implement code obfuscation. By obfuscating the downloaded program data, the code is safe from any attempt to read part of the chip’s memory and copy the source code.

Creating BASIC Code

You can create BASIC code as shown below. Cubloc Studio's text editor is similar to most text editors, and performs syntax highlighting of certain commands.

Shortcut Explanation
CTRL-HOME Go to the very beginning
CTRL-END Go to the very end


As shown in the screenshot above, the Debug statement can be used to monitor your BASIC program while it’s running.

Cubloc Studio Menus


Menu Explanation
New Create new file.
Open Open file.
Ladder Import Import Ladder Logic part of a Cubloc program.
Save Save current file.
Save As Save current file under a different name.
Save Object Save current program as an object file. Use this to
protect your source code. An object file is a
strictly binary format file so others cannot easily reverse
engineer it. You can use “Download from Object File” to
download an object file to Cubloc.
Print Ladder Print Ladder Logic section only.
Print BASIC Print BASIC section only.
Print Setup Setup printer for printing Ladder Logic editor.
Download from Object file Download an object file to the Cubloc module.
Utility for CUTOUCH BMP download forCT1721C Download Bitmap to CT1721C
Touch calibration for CT1721CCalibrate CT1721C's Touch-screen
BMP download for CT1820Download Bitmap to CT1820
Touch calibration for CT1820Calibrate CT1820's Touch-screen
Store Current Time to CT1820 RTCSynchronize this PC's current time with the CT1820's RTC
Last 4 Files Edited View last 4 files edited.
Exit Exit Cubloc Studio


If you select a device in use here, an Const device statement is inserted. But #include statements for MSB series are not supported.


Const Device = CB220      ' Use CB220.


Menu Explanation
Download & Run Compile BASIC and Ladder Logic, download to
Cubloc module if there are no errors, and restart
the program automatically. To disable automatic
restart, please go to Setup→Studio Option to change.
Ladder Logic Run Continue execution of Ladder Logic while monitoring
Ladder Logic Stop Stop execution of Ladder Logic while monitoring
Reset Reset the Cubloc module.
Ladder Monitor on Start Ladder Logic monitoring
BASIC Debug Terminal Open BASIC Debug Terminal Window.
This window opens automatically when there’s a
Debug statement in the source code.
Clear Cubloc’s Flash Clear Cubloc’s Flash Memory.
Write enable fuse off This will turn off the download function for a Cubloc
Core module to protect against noisy environments
where the flash memory can be affected. Once you
choose this menu, you will be unable to download
new programs to your Cubloc module. You will
be able to download again after a Firmware Download.
Run with Firmware download View relays in use by Ladder Logic after compilation.
View Relay Usage See, at a glance, the status of relays in a separate window.
View Watch window See, at a glance, the status of relays in a separate window.
Check Syntax Check the source code's syntax


Menu Explanation
PLC Setup Wizard Wizard to automatically generate BASIC code.
PC Interface Setup Setup the RS232 COM PORT for Download/Monitor. You must select a COM port number between 1 and 8.
Editor Environment SetupConfiguration options for the BASIC editor.
Ladder Logic Environment Options Configuration options for Ladder Logic.
Use English/Korean menu Change the language of the menus to English/Korean
Firmware Download Download Firmware to Cubloc. Please use this to
download firmware to Cubloc manually.

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