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I2Cwrite( )

variable = I2CWrite(data)

variable Acknowledge (0=Acknowledgment, 1=No Acknowledgment)
data data to send (Byte value : 0 to 255)

Sends one byte of data through I2C. This command creates an ACK pulse and returns 0 if there is an acknowledgment and 1 if there isn’t. No acknowledgment indicates that there was a communication error (possibly due to incorrect wiring). The following is an example illustrating how this can be used to trigger an error processing function:

If I2CWrite(DATA)=1 Then GoTo ERR_PROC

If you don’t need to check for an ACK, you can just use any variable to receive the ACK status as shown below:

A = I2CWrite(DATA)

One byte of data transfer takes approximately 60 microseconds. Please refer to Chapter 8 “About I2C…” for a detailed description of I2C communications.

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