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Cubloc Studio supports real-time monitoring of Ladder Logic.

Status of contacts that are ON will be displayed in green. Timer and counter values will be displayed in decimal. The monitoring speed can be controlled by going to “Setup” → “Ladder Logic Environment Options…” and adjusting the “Monitoring Speed” slider. If the monitoring speed is too fast, it can negatively affect Cubloc’s communications as monitoring consumes Cubloc's resources. We recommend a monitoring speed of 5.

Please be sure to stop monitoring before editing or downloading.

Watch Point

The Watch Point feature is useful when, in a long Ladder Logic program, two registers cannot be viewed simultaneously in the same screen due to their location in the ladder. Two apostrophes are used to add a watch point.

Examples: '’P0 '’P1 '’D0

NOTE: To set a watch point it’s two apostrophes, not a quotation mark that must be used.

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