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Variable = MPThIn (ID, Channel)

ID The ID of the module
Channel Channel selection (1 ~ 4)

Reads temperature in °C from a PT100 resistance thermometer connected to the MODPORT MD-THRT4 module. If the module cannot be found 9999 is returned. If the temperature exceeds the upper threshold, 5555 is returned. If the temperature is below the lower threshold, -1111 is returned.

The value must be divided by 10 to obtain the actual temperature. For example the value 254 represents a temperature of 25.4°C. Negative temperatures are indicated with a most significant bit of 1 (Note that this is not 2's complement).

Please see the MD-THRT4's documentation for more information.

A = MPThIn(2, 1)   ' Read temperature from module 2, channel 1 and store in A

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