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PulsOut port, period

port Output port (0 to 255)
period Pulse period (1 to 65535)

This is a subroutine that outputs a pulse. To create a high pulse, the output port must be set to logic low beforehand. To create a Low pulse, the output Port must be set to logic high before hand.

If you set the pulse period to 10, you will create a pulse of about 2.6ms. Likewise, a Pulse Period of 100 will be about 23ms.

Low 2
PulsOut 2, 100    '23mS high pulse

High 2
PulsOut 2, 100    '23mS low pulse

PulsOut is a premade system subroutine.

Sub PulsOut(pt As Byte, ln As Word)
  Dim dl1 as integer
  Reverse pt
  For dl1=0 to ln
  Reverse pt
End Sub

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