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Pwm channel, duty, period

channel PWM channel (0 to 15)
duty Duty cycle (must be less than the period)
period Maximum of 65535

Outputs a pulse waveform whose shape is determined by the values of duty and period. Be aware that the PWM channel is different from the I/O port number. For the CB280, ports 5, 6, and 7 are used for PWM 0, 1, and 2. Before using Pwm, make sure to set the ports' I/O mode to output, and set their output to a known state (logic low or logic high).

Depending on the value of period, a PWM signal of up to 16 bit precision is generated. A period of 1024 is a 10 bit pulse and a period of 65535 is a 16 bit pulse. The pulse's actual frequency in Hz can be computed with the following formula.

                 Frequency = 2,304,000 / period                                     

duty must to be less than period. The pulse's output will remain active for a fraction of the period given by duty/period. Pwm is independently hardware driven within the Cubloc. Once the Pwm command is executed, it will keep running until the PwmOff command is called.

Low 5              ' Set port 5 output and output LOW signal.
Pwm 0,200,1024     ' Output 10-bit pulse with duty of 200 and width of 1024


PWM channels 0, 1, and 2 must use the same value for period since they share the same resources, but their duty cycles can be different. PWM channels 3, 4, and 5 also must use the same value for period, but again, their duty cycles can be different.

PWM ports

The following illustrates the PWM channels available on each module:

For CB220, 3 PWM channels are provided on ports P5, P6, and P7.

Please refer to the table below for PWM channels and their corresponding I/O ports.

CB220 CB280 CB290 CT17XX CB400
PWM0 I/O 5 I/O 5 I/O 5 I/O 8 I/O 5
PWM1 I/O 6 I/O 6 I/O 6 I/O 9 I/O 6
PWM2 I/O 7 I/O 7 I/O 7 I/O 10 I/O 7
PWM3 I/O 19 I/O 89 I/O 11 I/O 27
PWM4 I/O 20 I/O 90 I/O 12 I/O 28
PWM5 I/O 21 I/O 91 I/O 13 I/O 29
PWM6 I/O 11
PWM7 I/O 12
PWM8 I/O 13
PWM9 I/O 51
PWM10 I/O 52
PWM11 I/O 53

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