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StepAccel channel, port, freqBase, freqTop, FreqAccel, qty

channel StepPulse channel (StepAccel supports only 0)
port Output port
freqBase The starting stepper frequency (Up to FreqTop, 20 to 3300)
freqTop The frequency after acceleration is finished (20 to 3300)
freqAccel The acceleration in steps per second
qty # of pulses to output (up to 2147483647)

This command outputs a set number of pulses at a set frequency (up to 3.3kHz) with acceleration. The StepAccel command supports only 1 channel, so 0 must be used for the channel parameter.

StepAccel should not be used simultaneously with StepPulse.

You can use any of the available I/O ports on the CUBLOC. When the StepAccel command is executed, the specified port's I/O mode is automatically set to output. Even after the command has finished generating pulses, the port's I/O mode remains output.

The output frequency can be set from 1hz to 3.3KHz.

This command will run in the background independently, so system resources can be used for other tasks.

    Const Device = CT1720
        Wait 200
        Stepaccel 0,8,10,4000,4400,30000  
        Do While Stepstat(0) > 0               
        Wait 1500

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