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StepPulse channel, port, freq, qty

channel StepPulse channel (StepAccel supports only 0)
port Output port
freq Output frequency (Up to 15000)
qty # of pulses to output (up to 2147483647)

This command outputs a set number of pulses at a set frequency (up to 15kHz). FreqOut and Pwm can also output pulses, but the number of pulses cannot be controlled and only the dedicated PWM ports can be used. With StepPulse, any output port can be used, and the number of pulses and pulse frequency can be controlled.

Depending on the Cubloc module used, the number of available channels may change. Please refer to the following table for module specific information.

Module Channels Channel PWM Channels that cannot be used during use of the command
CB2XX, CB3XX, CT1721C 1 0 Channel 0: PWM 3, 4, 5
CB400, CB405, CB405RT 2 0 or 1 Channel 0: PWM 3, 4, 5
Channel 1: PWM 6, 7, 8

StepPulse uses the Cubloc processor’s PWM counters. When using this command, PWM3, PWM4, and PWM5 cannot be used.

For the CB400/CB405/CB405RT, when using channel 1, PWM6, PWM7, and PWM8 cannot be used. With the CB2XX and CB3XX series, only channel 0 may be used. With the the CB400/CB405/CB405RT, StepPulse can be used on 2 different channels simultaneously.

You can use any of the available I/O ports on the Cubloc. When the StepPulse command is executed, the specified port's I/O mode is automatically set to output. Even after the command has finished generating pulses, the port's I/O mode remains output.

The output frequency can be set from 1hz to 15kHz.

This command will run in the background independently, so system resources can be used for other tasks.

StepPulse should not be used simultaneously with StepAccel.


Const Device = CB280
  Do While In(0) = 1
  StepPulse 0, 5, 5000, 300
  Do While In(0) = 0

When the port 0 switch is pressed, port 5 will output 300 pulses at the speed of 5kHz. The following is a circuit diagram for the code above:

A stepper motor controller can be created using a stepper motor and stepper motor driver as shown below.

Connect 3 Cubloc I/O ports to the stepper motor driver. The DISABLE and DIRECTION pins are only to enable and set the direction of the stepper motor. Please refer to your stepper motor specifications for how many pulses are required to move the stepper motor one rotation.

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