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StepStat( )

variable = StepStat (Channel)

variable Variable to store results
channel StepPulse channel(0 or 1)

StepStat allows you to monitor how many pulses have been generated since the last StepPulse command.

StepStat will return double the number of pulses remaining to be generated. If there are 500 pulses left to output, StepStat will return 1000.

You can also check the output status of pulses using _F(56) or F56 in Ladder Logic. When channel 0 is generating pulses, _F(56) will be logic high, 1. When channel 1 is generating pulses, _F(57) will be logic high, 1. If no pulses are being generated the F registers will be logic low, 0.

     Const Device = CT1720
        Wait 200
        Stepaccel 0,8,10,4000,4400,30000 
        Do While Stepstat(0) > 0            
        Wait 1500

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