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Sys( )

variable = Sys(address)

variable Variable to store results. (No String or Single)
address Address. (0 to 255)

Use the Sys(0) and Sys(1) commands are used to read the status of the RS-232 buffers for both channel 0 and channel 1.

Sys(0) returns the actual number of bytes written to the RS-232 transmit buffer after executing commands Put or PutStr.

Sys(1) returns the actual number of bytes read from the RS-232 receive buffer after executing commands Get or GetStr.

Sys(5) returns the value of the system timer which increments approximately every 10ms. The value can only be read; not changed. The timer will increment up to 65,535 and then reset to 0. This timer can be used in applications that require and extra timer.

Sys(6) returns the address of the top of the stack in data memory. At power on, this value is 0. As variables are declared or subroutines and functions are called, this value will increase. This can be used provide an indication of a program’s data memory usage at runtime. All other values are undefined.

Debug Dec Sys(5),cr

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