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TMON arg, timeout
TAMON arg, timeout

Implements a timer that turns arg ON when the input turns ON, and remains ON until timeout elapses. After timeout elapses, arg will remain on regardless of the input.

Type of Timer Time units Maximum Time
TMON 0.01 sec 655.35 sec
TAMON 0.1 sec 6553.5 sec

P M F S C T D Constants
arg O O O O

If the input (P0) turns OFF, the output (T0) still remains ON.

After the timeout elapses, the output (T0) will turn OFF even if the input (P0) remains ON.

If the input (P0) turns ON after the timeout has elapsed, the output (T0) will turn ON again.

If the input (P0) turns OFF and then ON before the timeout has elapsed, the output (T0) will still remain ON only for the specified timeout.

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