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Using RS-232 on the CB400/405/405RT

The CB400, CB405, and CB405RT modules have 3 serial ports exposed as 5V TTL UARTs.

Channel CUBLOC Port Signal
1 P42 RX
1 P43 TX
2 P8 RX
2 P9 TX
3 P56 RX
3 P57 TX

The CB400/405/405RT modules also have a built-in MAX232 level converter to convert the 5V TTL UART signals to +/-12V RS-232 signals. To utilize the level converter, connect a serial port's RX and TX pins to the TTLRXE and TTLTXE pins respectively, and then the RS-232 level signals for those pins will be available on the RXE and TXE pins.

The following image illustrates how to expose serial port 3 as RS-232.

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