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CWC series Setting Operating Mode

The launcher screen is displayed by repeatedly pressing the upper right corner of the screen when the power is turned on.

After purchasing the CWC series, the following guide screen appears every time the power is turned on. If you do not want to see this screen anymore, you must try to enter the launcher screen by continuously touching the right corner during booting. If the entry is successful even once, this screen is not displayed during booting.

If you enter the launcher screen by pressing the corner of the screen during booting, you will see a screen like this.

'Boot Mode' is an option to determine whether to enter the'development mode' or the'autorun mode' after booting. The initial starting value is set to'Desktop', so if you reboot in this state, the next boot will enter the development mode where you can see the Windows desktop.

If you want to automatically run the developed exe file after development is complete, change the Boot Mode to'Auto Run' as follows.

CUWIN - Windows CE Industrial Touchscreen Panel PC

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