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Windows CE Industrial Touchscreen Panel PC


The CUWIN is a Windows CE panel PC primarily targeted for grapical touch user interfaces..

The CUWIN's front panel features an 800×480 color touch screen capable of receiving input from a human operator, by touching the screen, and displaying colorful information.

The CUWIN's rear and side panels feature several interfaces (RS232/485, USB, Ethernet, Audio, SD Card) for communicating with many different electronic devices.

The CUWIN translates input from a human operator to signals that electronic devices can understand, and receives signals from those electronic devices, translating them to colorful output that the operator can understand. Thus, the CUWIN serves as a Human Machine Interface(HMI).

By interfacing the CUWIN with the CUBLOC, MOACON, or other Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), the CUWIN can provide a human interface to electronic and mechanical systems such as robots, monitoring systems, environment control systems, and automation equipment just to name a few. The CUWIN has been used in all kinds of applications from solar energy systems that track the sun to beauty appliances for styling hair.

Hardware Specifications

CWA Series 5000 Series CWV2 Series CWC Series (coming soon)
070BR 070WR 102BR 5500 070BR 070WR 102BR 070WR 102WR
LCD 7“ 7” 10“ 7” 7“ 7” 10.2“ 7” 10.2“
Enclosure Bezel IP65 Bezel IP65 Bezel IP65 Bezel IP65
MCU ARM926EJ 400MHz ARM926EJ 533MHz Cortex-A8 1GHz Cortex-A9 1GHz Dual
Flash 256MB NAND Flash 128MB NAND Flash 4GB eMMC 4GB eMMC
OS Windows CE 6 Pro Windows Embedded Compact 7 Core
Operating temperature -10°C ~ 70°C
Storage temperature -20°C ~ 80°C
Details Details Details Details
Dimensions View View View View View View View View View
Download SDK Download SDK Download SDK Download SDK
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Important: When installing the SDK, please choose Custom and remove the Documentation feature, or the SDK will not install correctly.

Getting Started

Connecting the CUWIN to a Host PC

OS Images, Flashing Utility, and Instructions

Developing Software for the CUWIN

Setting up a Development Environment

In order to develop software for the CUWIN a software development environment must be installed. Any software development environment capable of producing Windows Embedded CE programs compatible with the CUWIN's processor can be used but Visual Studio is the most common.

Microsoft did not release the Smart Device Programmability tools for any Visual Studio release beyond Visual Studio 2008, so Visual Studio 2008 is the latest version of Visual Studio that can be used to program Windows CE 6.0 devices like the CUWIN.

Interfacing the CUWIN to Other Devices


Additional Libraries

  • jControls CF35 - A free UI control library that overcomes many limitations of Windows CE and the .Net Compact Framework providing anti-aliasing, alpha blending, gradient fills, and more.
  • BeeMobile iPack - A commercial .Net Compact Framework UI control library.
  • OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework - A free and open source library of useful extensions to the .Net Compact Framework.
  • NModbus - A free and open source Modbus communication library for the .Net Compact Framework (See Tutorial)

IntelliLCD Mode

Mounting Instructions

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