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Powering On the CUWIN

With the CUWIN's operating mode set, the CUWIN can be powered on for the first time. It is not necessary to make any connections to the CUWIN except the power cable. Connect the power cable and power on the CUWIN by depressing the power switch.

CAUTION: Please verify the power supply voltage and ensure the power supply is not live when making connections.

After a few seconds the Windows Embedded CE desktop will appear.

Item Description
1 My Device Opens the file explorer.
2 Recycle Bin Storage for deleted files before permanent deletion.
3 Internet Explorer Internet browser
4 MacUtil Utility to change the Network Interface Card(NIC)'s Media Access Control(MAC) address. CUWIN 5000 & 6000 series only.
5 Media Player Windows CE Media player for playing audio and video files.
6 SaveRegs Utility to permanently save any changes to the device's registry.
7 Start Button Opens the Windows CE Start Menu
8 System Tray Windows CE System Tray
9 Show Desktop Minimizes any open windows and shows the Windows CE desktop.
10 Input Panel Opens the Windows CE Input Panel (onscreen keyboard)

CUWIN - Windows CE and Windows Embedded Compact Industrial Touchscreen Panel PC

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