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Setting the CUWIN’s Ethernet MAC Address

CUWIN 5xxx/6xxx/CWA/CWR Series

For the CUWIN 5000/6000/CWA/CWR series, you can set the CUWIN’s MAC address by running the MacUtil (or MacUtilMulti) program from the Windows CE Desktop.

1. Use the buttons to set the last two bytes of the MAC address. The first four bytes are fixed.
2. Press the “Save” button and the new value will be committed to the devices registry.
3. Press the “Close” button when finished.


For the CUWIN CWV / CWV2 series, you must boot the device in a special mode to bring up the configuration console.

1. Connect a serial cable from a PC to the CUWIN’s COM 3 Serial port.
2. Use your favorite terminal program (in this case PuTTY) to establish a serial connection at 115200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and no flow control.
3. On the right side of the CUWIN set dip switch 3 to ON and the rest OFF

4. Reboot the CUWIN and a configuration menu will appear.

5. Type “C” to bring up the “Bootloader Configurations” menu.

6. Type “7” to configure the MAC address. Enter a hexadecimal MAC address of your choice. In this example “”.

7. Reset the dip switch on the right side of the CUWIN and reboot.

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