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Setting the CUWIN's Operating Mode

The CUWIN is very flexible and can operate in many modes depending on the CUWIN's final purpose. The following table lists the CUWIN's different operating modes.

Development Mode

For the exercises in this document we need to set the CUWIN's operating mode to Development Mode.

5000/6000/CWA Series 1-On, the rest Off
CWV / CWV2 Series All Off

AutoRun Mode

To configure the CUWIN to automatically run a program when the system boots, create the folder “\Flash Disk\AutoRun” and copy the *.exe file to execute into that folder. Then configure the device for AutoRun mode.

5000/6000/CWA Series 1-On, 2-On, the rest Off
CWV / CWV2 Series 2-On, the rest Off
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