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FA-DUINO Industrial Arduino

Warnings and Precautions

The FA-DUINO is an Arduino-based industrial controller. It has features similar to those found in other Arduino products and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. In contrast to typical Arduino products, the FA-DUINO has 24V supply power, 24V noise-filtered inputs, 24V sinking outputs, 24V 10A relays, noise-filtered analog inputs, and a more stable oscillator.

The FA-DUINO will be useful to users who are familiar with the Arduino platform when developing controllers that can be applied directly to automation sites.


Model 18TA 32TA 12RA 24RA
MCU Mega328P Mega2560
Type Board Case
Program Memory 32KB 256KB
SRAM Memory 2KB 8KB
UPLOAD USB-C RS232C (4-pin)
RS-232C Ports 1 2 1 2
RS-485 Ports 0 1 0 1
I2C Ports 1 (Shared with GPIO)
Analog Inputs 0~5V 10-bit x 6 Channels 0~10V 10-bit x 4 Channels, 0~20mA 10-bit x 4 Channels
Digital Inputs (24V) 8 16 8 16
Input Specification DC 20~28V, 24V recommended
High >= 18V / Low <= 15V
@ 24VDC 2.2KΩ
These inputs have been tested with pulses as high as 1MHz
External Interrupts (24V) 0 2 0
Digital Outputs 4 14 4 8
Output Specification 24V @ 250mA Max (NPN Transistor Sink) 6~250VAC, 6~27VDC @ 10A Max (Relay)
GPIO (5V) 6 (Shared with Analog Input)
Refer to Analog Inputs 0~5 Pin Mapping
6 (Shared with PWM) 0
PWM (5V) 0 6 (Shared with GPIO) 0
Power 12~24VDC 24VDC
Operating Temperature 0~60℃
Storage Temperature -10~60℃
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General Usage

Example Programs

Interfacing with Peripherals

Technical Support Policy

Technical support for this product is only available without a user source. If you believe there is a problem with the product itself, please send the product without the user source to us. We will check the product you sent us using our testing program. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

If you need technical support for your source code, we will assign a professional engineer through a separate technical support contract and provide paid support. In this case, you must send us the hardware environment required for testing.

Purchasing and using this product constitutes agreement to this policy.

This Product Requires Arduino Experience

If you are new to Arduino, this produce many not be fore you. There are many low-cost Arduino boards on the market, and there are excellent beginner's textbooks and YouTube tutorials for them. This product is for those who already have experience using Arduino or are proficient at using it.

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