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COMFILE Technology's Documentation Library

Welcome to COMFILE Technology's online documentation library - a central repository of documentation for COMFILE Technology's products. Feel free to browse this documentation, refer to, and link to it as you desire.

Below you can find an index of this repository organized by product. For a more detailed, hierarchical index, please see the Sitemap.

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Raspberry Pi Panel PC

WYSIWYG HMI Development Kit

Windows CE Panel PCs

.Net Control Library For the CUWIN

BASIC and Ladder Logic Programmable
Embedded Controller

Modular Industrial Controller

Industrial Arduino

Panel PCs that Run
Windows and Linux Desktop
Operating Systems
  • ComfilePi Related Products
    • CODESYS - using CODESYS on the ComfilePi
    • CP-IO22 - IO board accessory for the ComfilePi with 22 IO (11 Inputs, 11 Outputs)
    • CP-IO19R - IO board accessory for the ComfilePi with 11 inputs, 8 relay outputs
    • CP-IO22-A4-2 - IO board accessory for the ComfilePi with 11 inputs, 11 outputs, 4 16-bit analog inputs, 2 12-bit digital outputs
  • CUBASE- CUBLOC Base Boards
  • Study Board 3 - An IO board for studying and evaluating CUBLOC modules.
  • CN-RS232485 - RS-232 to RS-485 converter.
  • ML-THRT1 - RS-485 Modbus RTU PT100 sensor reader.
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