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DisableDoubleClick Property

If the operator quickly touches a control twice, the Click event will fire for the first touch, and the DoubleClick event will fire for the second touch.

This behavior can be quite undesirable if the operator expects the same behavior with each individual touch. Consider, for example, repeatedly touching a button to increment/decrement a value.

The following videos illustrate the difference.

Notice that the value increments on every other touch rather than every touch.

However, in the following video, the value increments on every touch.

Notice that the value increments on every touch.

The DisableDoubleClick property provides the ability to disable the DoubleClick event so every touch will fire the Click event. Most of the controls in the jControls CF35 library implement the DisableDoubleClick property.

If a double-click event is needed, set the DisableDoubleClick property to false, otherwise, set it to true. By default it is set to true.

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