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Installing jControls

Visual Studio 2008 must be installed first before installing jControls CF35. For instructions on how to set up a development PC for programming Comfile Technology's line of Windows CE panel PCs with Visual Studio 2008, please refer to this video.

After installing Visual Studio 2008 be sure to close all instances of Visual Studio before installing jControls CF35. Then run the jControls CF35 installation executable.

After installation is complete, you can run the sample project or open Visual Studio and Create a new jControls Project.

Each release of jControls CF35 can be installed side-by-side with other releases, so it is not necessary to uninstall previous releases. See Upgrading a Project to a New Version of jControls CF35 for instructions on upgrading an existing project. If, after upgrading existing projects, prior versions of jControls CF35 are no longer needed, those prior versions can then be uninstalled through the Windows Control Panel.

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