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The jImage control simply displays an image file. It can be useful for displaying icons, logos, or any other image to improve the aesthetics of a GUI.

Image Property

The Image property sets the image to display.

jControls CF 35 supports the following image formats:

  • PNG, 32-bit, 96DPI
  • PNG, 24-bit, 96DPI
  • PNG, 32-bit, 72DPI
  • PNG, 24-bit, 72DPI
  • JPG, 96DPI
  • JPG, 72DPI
  • BMP, 24-bit, 96DPI
  • BMP, 24-bit, 72DPI

Text Features

jImage employs the same text features used by many of the other controls in the jControls CF35 library including ForeColor, TextOffset, TextAlignment, and TextWrap. See Text Features for more information. By default the Text property is empty, so no text is displayed.

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