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The jImageLamp control is identical to the jLamp control, but instead of OnAppearance and OffAppearance properties, it has OnImage and OffImage properties to provide the appearance of the control using image files.

OnImage and Offmage Properties

The OnImage property provides the image to display when the lamp is on, and the OffImage property provides the image to display when the lamp is off.

Currently the image does not scale with the size of the form and is always aligned to the top-left corner. Therefore, using an image the with the precise dimensions of the control is recommended.

jControls CF 35 supports the following image formats:

  • PNG, 32-bit, 96DPI
  • PNG, 24-bit, 96DPI
  • PNG, 32-bit, 72DPI
  • PNG, 24-bit, 72DPI
  • JPG, 96DPI
  • JPG, 72DPI
  • BMP, 24-bit, 96DPI
  • BMP, 24-bit, 72DPI

Text Features

jImageLamp employs the same text features used by many of the other controls in the jControls CF35 library including ForeColor, TextOffset, TextAlignment, and TextWrap. See Text Features for more information.

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