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The jLamp control is designed to mimic an indicator lamp typically found on dash boards and control panels.

CornerRadii Property

The CornerRadii property can be used to set shape of the lamp's four corners when the Shape property is set to Rectangular. Each corner can be set independently.

OffAppearance and OnAppearance Properties

The OffAppearance and OnAppearance properties provide the ability to customize the appearance of the jLamp when it is in the Off state or the On state (see the IsOn property), respectively.

IsOn Property

This IsOn property is used to change the state of the control. When IsOn is true, the jLamp control will display according to the OnAppearance property. When IsOn is false, it will display according to the OffAppearance property.

Shape Property

The Shape property can be used to select the overall shape of the button: Rectangular or Round

Text Features

jLamp employs the same text features used by many of the other controls in the jControls CF35 library including ForeColor, TextOffset, TextAlignment, and TextWrap. See Text Features for more information.

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