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Release Notes


  • Fixed program crash due to non-pinned GC memory


  • Fixed memory leak
  • Fixed error when calling Dispose on a jForm


  • Added jTextBox control.
  • Added jKeyboard control.
  • Added TextMargin property to all controls.
  • Added UseMnemonic property to all controls.
  • Added IsLatched property to jButton.
  • Enter key now activates jButton and jSwitch controls when they have input focus.
  • Defaulted TabStop property to false on jLabel, jImage, and all shape controls.
  • Fixed problem with Unicode characters not displaying properly in Visual Studio designer.
  • Fixed a display anomaly when updating multi-line text.
  • Minor refactoring


  • Added jRadioButton, jCheckbox, and jImageLamp controls.
  • Added FontSmoothing feature.
  • Changed default properties and events for jLamp and jSwitch
  • Fixed broken text display in designer when changing TextAlignment, Font, or TextOffset properties.
  • Fixed problem with mouse cursor displaying when the screen was touched even though the jForm.ShowMouseCursor property was set to false.
  • Major refactoring of text drawing and rendering.
  • Fixed Quadratic/Cubic curves in Path class.
  • Added Path constructor for user-created Path objects.
  • Added GetBrush methods to Stroke and Border classes.
  • Force re-paint when button is pressed to ensure the visual feedback is displayed.
  • Removed lock on custom font files when application exits.
  • Added dispose feature for internal image canvases on jForm, jImage, jImageButton
  • Added additional image format support:
    • PNG 32-bit 72-DPI
    • PNG 24-bit 96-DPI
    • PNG 24-bit 72-DPI
    • JPG 24-bit 96-DPI
    • JPG 24-DPI 72-DPI
    • BMP 24-bit 96-DPI
    • BMP 24-DPI 72-DPI
  • Added feature to show image resolution and dimensions in Visual Studio property grid.
  • Renamed default deployment directory in project templates.
  • Added sample project to installation folder.
  • Additional minor refactoring.


  • Initial release.
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