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Upgrading a Project to a New Version of jControls CF35

Each release of jControls CF35 can be installed side-by-side. This will allow customers to create new projects using the latest release of jControls CF35 without disturbing their existing projects. When a version of jControls CF35 is no longer needed, it can be uninstalled without impacting the versions still in use.

IMPORTANT: While installing multiple versions of jControls CF35 is supported, using different versions of jControls CF35 in the same solution or project is not supported.

Upgrading an existing project to a new version of jControls CF35 is simple:

  1. Backup your existing project.
  2. Delete the existing Comfile.jControlsCF35 reference.
  3. Add a reference to the new release of jControls CF35.

Each release of jControls CF35 may not be fully backward compatible with previous releases; features may be changed, added, and/or deprecated, so it may be necessary to modify or refactor code to accommodate the changes. Please see the release notes, backup your existing projects before upgrading, and thoroughly test after upgrading.

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