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short comGets (u8 comCh, u8* dest, u16 length)

comCh : Channel number
dest: Pointer to where data that is read should be stored
length: The amount of data (in bytes) to read
Returns –1 if data is read; 0 if data is not read.

Reads length bytes from the receive buffer on channel comCh, and stores the data in memory at address dest.

#include "moacon500.h"
void cmain(void)
 char c[64];
 openCom(0, 115200, C8N1);            // Channel 0, 115200 Baud,
                                      // data bits: 8, no parity, stop bits: 1
 while (1)                            // Repeat forever
   if(comLen(0) > 0)                  // if data exists in the receive buffer
     comGets(0, c, 64);               // Read data from receive buffer in store it
                                      // and store it in char array, c.

The example program above reads data from the receive buffer as it arrives and stores it in char array c.

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