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void comPrint (u8 comCh, char* comString[, arg0, …, argn] )

comCh : Channel number
comString : String of characters to transmit

Transmits a string of characters, comString, on channel comCh.

#include "moacon500.h"
void cmain(void)
 openCom(0, 115200, C8N1);     // Channel 0, 115200 Baud, data bits: 8, no parity, stop bits: 1
 while (1)                     // Repeat forever
   delay(500);                 // Wait for 500ms
   comPrint(0, "abc\r\n");     // Transmits "abc" and a new line

comString can be specified as a string literal by surrounding text in quotes. In the example above, “abc” is the text, and “\r\n” are carriage return and new line characters respectively so each “abc” appears on a new line.

Like the printf function comPrint may optionally contain format specifiers that are substituted by the additional arguments (arg0,…, argn).

comPrint(0, "2 + 1 = %d", 2+1); // Transmits "2 + 1 = 3" on channel 0

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