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void csgNput(u8 csgSlaveAdr, u8 csgDigit, u8 csgData)

csgSlaveAdr: Slave address of the CSG device
csgDigit: The digit location to print csgData (0~3, 0=Far Left, 3=Far Right)
csgData: The ASCII code of the character to print (0x30~0x39, 0x41-0x4F)

Prints a character, csgData, on the CSG device on address csgSlaveAddress in the digit location csgDigit. The digit location is one of the 4 digits on the CSG device with 0 being the far left and 3 being the far right. The CSG device can only display ASCII characters (0x30~0x39, 0x41-0x4F).

csgNput(0, 0, 0x42);     //Print the letter 'b' in the far left digit location

CSG (7 Segment module)

The CSG library is used to display information on Comfile Technology's 7-segment display devices. Each CSG device must have a unique I2C slave address configured by a dipswitch on the back of the device.

Up to 4 CSG devices can be daisy-chained together to make a longer composite display. Each device must have a different slave address.

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